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Is playing the lottery worth your time?

Playing the lottery is extremely tempting.  Even on $1 scratch tickets, you have the opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money.  If you’re like most people, one big win will more than cover all the money you’ve ever spent on lottery tickets and put your life in the right direction.

Imagine how your daily life would run after you win the lottery.  No more thoughts about bills suck in the back of your mind as due dates crawl closer.  No more empty gazes at objects in the store that you want to buy but have to ask yourself if you’ll ever be able to.  Winning the lottery will feel great in many different ways, so what are your chances of winning?

The main determinant that determines your chances of victory are the types of game you play.  Certain games have a higher probability than others whereas other games are based on pure luck.  Games vary depending on what area and country you live in, a big part of finding games with the best odd is simply buying tickets and comparing your winnings game by game.

Generally, the cheaper the ticket is, the less of a chance you have to win.  $1 scratch tickets seem appealing because there’s a chance to win a large amount of money with a small investment.  With the small ticket cost, you can even spend $10 on tickets for ten times the chance to win.

While logically this makes sense, the odds are rarely in your favor for this type of game.  The more expensive the game, the fewer people are likely to play, so the higher your chances of winning.  Expensive tickets usually have better odds since more people want to minimize their risk with cheaper games.  However, this all depends on where you live and the lottery rules in your area.  If you learn the rules, you can figure out the odds for each game much easier.

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