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Someone has to win the lottery, so why can’t it be you?


Almost daily there are draws for large cash prizes exceeding millions of dollars.  Most of the winners are nameless and faceless (and for good reason) and cause us to doubt our chances at hitting the lotto.

But should you dismiss the lottery completely?  According to different statistics you have a better chance at dying of flesh eating disease, be killed in a terrorist attack or even struck by lightening than winning the lottery!

Of course, lottery companies have a vested interesting in making you think winning is a long shot.  The fewer winners there are, the less they have to pay out.  Lottery companies make a staggering amount of cash every day just from people trying their luck.

Games like jackpot and powerball can set you up for life, even if you win a small amount.  These games amass incredible amounts and can capture the attention of the entire nation when its time to pick a winner.

So how can you increase your chances of winning?  There are not many options if you want to figure out how to win the lottery.  Your best bet is to simply find more ways to buy valid tickets.  The more games you play the higher your chances are.  Of course this quickly gets expensive and isn’t efficient.  You could try pooling with a group of friends to by lots of lottery tickets and split the costs.  This makes it possible to get your hands on a large amount of tickets but you need to be prepared to share your winnings.

The lottery is rooted in luck, logic and probability.  The more tickets you buy, the more you play the higher your chances are.  You probably shouldn’t quit your day job trying to win the lottery, but it’s worth a shot.

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