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Wondering who the 3 luckiest people alive are?

Powerball JackpotWe’ve probably all played the lottery at least once in our lives, but there’s no way we’d imaged hitting it big like these guys did.  One thing to keep in mind about these lottery winners; the amount they won doesn’t necessarily mean they got it all at once.  Depending on the game you play, or where you live, you may be in store for some large pay installments if you hit it big!

Powerball – $564 Million

Back in 2015, Marie had a really good February.  The single mother of four was the first of three winners of this giant pool of money.

The second winner is someone who thought a few steps ahead and decided to stay anonymous.  All we know about them is they’re from Puerto Rico!

The third winner is again anonymous or missing.  The winnings of this third of the pool have been placed in a trust.  Seems a little suspicious.  Maybe it’s the lottery companies recouping some costs?

Powerball – $587.5 Million

November 28th, 2012 was an amazing day for two regular couples.  Normally the Powerball is split three ways, but there were only two winning tickets.  Matthew Good of Phoenix Arizona and Mark and Cindy Hill enjoyed generous winnings.  Mark and Cindy tried to remain anonymous, but the laws in their state prevented them from doing that!  Seems kind of fishy to us that they wouldn’t be allowed to keep their privacy.

Mega Millions – $656

March 30th, 2012 was a historic day for lottery winnings.  This is the largest amount of money to have ever been won in a jackpot.  Thankfully, most of the winners got to remain anonymous.  Merle and Patricia Butler were the only winners of this historic jackpot to have their names released.  The rest of the winners were a group of teachers and someone who chose to remain anonymous in Kansas.  We’re sure they’re all enjoying a great life!

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